Danny Choo’s into the groove again!

Posted: 14/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Linked to me by Tsu, she cosplayed as Lucky Star’s Tsukasa and also as Nana during the Ichibanzai 2008. Arigato, Tsu-san =3

Danny Choo, someone who lives the dream of so many. He has really improved in dancing, comparing to his Trooper Dance in Shibuya. Hopefully my 2nd armor is more dancer friendly as well! Around the crotch area! Haha. Some people love dancing, some people think its childish .. well, whatever, i think dancing is a human expression to show he/she is having fun! Dancing is something that does not require you to be completed wasted and acting like an idiot to perform. I may be stiffy iffy when it comes to dancing, but i know i can at least be goofy and proud of it! When my time comes that is!

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