There goes one housemate/friend ..

Posted: 14/10/2009 in Non-Digital World

So she’s going back to Indonesia, and she is very happy that she is. She loves the warm weather and all the food in it. She has pretty much changed my view on Indonesia’s Sambal Asli (some local Indonesian chilli or something like that). She eats it as often as she breathes the air, and i no longer consider that Sambal Asli a spice, but the primary food source, the main course meal. If it is applied to steak, the beef is the side dish, and the Sambal Asli is the main course!! Its amazing at the rate some people can consume spices and all that artificial flavoring! She will be a friend well missed indeed, departing on October 15th 2009. One of the few things i would miss, is how she gets heart attacks in the house when i just happen to pop up like Batman. I mean, you never hear Batman coming .. ever!!

Interesting dinner night, was lectured about how color contact lens are not supposed to be used by people with perfect vision. And colored contact lens can only be worn by the specs wearing people. I mean, come on .. colored contact lens were made and used by so many other people around the world. It was purely cosmetic back then! Before it became a tool of convenience for the “blind” people like myself. When Darth Maul wore contacts, it was cool. When normal people try it on .. they are called freaks. And i thought racism was bad enough as it is!

No pictures in this post .. it was a pretty old foggish 1960s dinner, where you must act like a Saint at the table. Talking about tech and otaku culture is heresy!

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