Melbourne Arrival @ 15th October 2009

Posted: 15/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Konata: “Say .. Chee-zu!”

This would be the first time, i have stepped onto Melbourne soil and actually left the airport, instead of flying back to Malaysia for the holidays. Why? Armageddon Expo 2009, that’s why!! We (pals and I) stayed at the Grand Chancellor Hotel which was very close to Chinatown. Armageddon was going to happen on the weekend, 17th/18th October 2009.

Konata: “As you can see Grand Chancellor Hotel is located around this area, which is awfully close to Chinatown, if you can find that super secret alleyway short cut right beside it!”

Konata: “And the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, where Armageddon is held is right there!”

Konata: “This distance ain’t so far. Unlike Hobart, Melbourne has no hills and lots of trams and taxis! The taxi fair is around 11 dollars from the hotel to the expo!”

Konata: “Most hotel rooms in Australia come with RJ45 cables! Cable/Wireless internet is not free tho! But there are plenty of Maccers around Melbourne to get free wifi!”

Konata: “Ehhh?! The cable won’t fit into the iPhone =< .. gotta remember to bring my laptop next time!”

Konata: “Things to remember when attending the Melbourne Exhibition Centre? Most cabs have EFTPOS, but it is always safe to bring cash. Crowne is a massive branded shopping zone for the bling-bling gals, comes inclusive with a casino. You don’t need to worry about ATMs because there are plenty within Crowne and the Exhibition Centre itself! And if your non-otaku pals get bored of the convention, send them to Crowne! When working with GPS on the iPhone (without 3G service), you can navigate around the city using the wireless signals from shops based on their IP addresses! But be careful, Chinatown is a blind spot in Melbourne, where you must have 3G for GPS to work in that blind spot!”

Konata: “Less talking, do what you usually would do in hotels! And that is to mess up the beds! Waaatchaaaaa!!!”

Konata: “Oh-ree-yaaaaaaa!! Gotta <3 House-keeping!!”

Konata: “Banzai~~~!!”

Konata: “Yah-huuuuuuuuuu~~~!!”

Konata: “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~~~!!”

Konata: “Ooooomphhh~~~!!”

Konata: “…”
Konata? Herro?
Konata: “Zzzzzzzz …”
=_=” .. Okay, looks like that’s all for today!

  1. Lisalicious says:

    Hi, I love Nendroids but I am new in collection.

    I just want to find out, is it that the item comes with many face expressions and fingers movies?

    • gameshark03 says:

      Yeah. Most nendo/figmas come with different facial expressions (swapping heads) and multiple hand/leg pieces. If you look at the catalogue from Hobby Search, it actually shows all the different faces/arms/legs you get, even with a clear picture of the back of the box (and contents)

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