Walking around Melbourne @ 16th October 2009

Posted: 16/10/2009 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture
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When walking around Melbourne, I was curious about where i can actually look for collectible loot. I ain’t the type that would buy a stuffed Kangaroo just because i went to Australia. Its either one of the two things .. Tech Toys or Otaku Loot! From Hobart’s Area 52, they told about a website, where their shop is located in Melbourne. The landmarks from Google Earth were EB Games (across from Minotaur) and Officeworks (beside it)! Eventually, i found it when my housemate (came to Melbourne for his first convention) mentioned the keyword EB Games! My Otaku Sense went into hyperdrive and scanned the whole area and .. BINGO!!

Had everything from comics to manga, and other series like Dr Who and stuff. They didn’t have much anime posters or figures tho. They mostly focused on Western Comics/Sci Fic stuff. They did have some Madman Entertainment stuff tho, and a Hentai section. There were two girls checking out the Yaoi hentai among the shelves and talking about all kinds of anime.

But before i stumbled upon this shop, I found another comic/figure (no anime/manga) shop called Comics R’Us. It was located on the 1st Floor in that building, but before I went up, something caught my eye .. reacting like a bee to nectar. This is what i saw ..

Blue Striped Pantsu! Gee .. I wonder what that meant? ROFL

Here is the hint .. Blue Striped Rice Bowl! Started with “K” and ends with “-On“!!

They have supersized Golden Curries and Pocky-ies here!

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