Armageddon 2009 @ Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Posted: 18/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Ok, I departed on 15th October (Thursday) from Hobart to Melbourne with my buddies right after my classes. Only to prepare myself for Armageddon 2009 held in Melbourne. It was my housemate’s and another pals’ first time to an exhibition that would involve manga, anime, cosplay, movie stuff, games and the 501st Legion. The other two pals that tagged along didn’t know that 501st Legion (Terror Australis Garrison, Australian Outpost) was serious business when it came to Star Wars. They were expecting maybe pale imitations they would regularly see back home in Malaysia. It was tons of fun.

I arrived home, only to find myself being capped in bandwidth by my housemate. Even when there was 3GB to spare during onpeak hours. Sigh yada yada. Lucky for me, my cap resets every 20th. So i guess i would just have to wait. Until then ..


More coming soon!!


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