A Saber/Konata Morning ..

Posted: 19/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Okay, i know i said i was going to open my Kagami Figma, but i got motivated by the Saber Lily + Cupcake post on figure.fm. The idea came into my head after i saw a certain pastry in a bakery in Chinatown, Melbourne (after Armageddon 2009).

Oh noes! Saber! When did you get out?
Saber: “That is not important. What’s in the bag?”

Mmmm .. Pastry i bought before i took the flight back from Melbourne’s Armageddon 2009 ..
Saber: “Oh .. well i want that delicious smelling one ..”

Whaaa? I just bought it!
Saber: “If you know what’s good for you, you will hand it over ..”

Saber, you cannot just demand something from someone ..
Saber: “… … Please?”

Saber: “You have made the right decision ..”
But .. my .. chocolate filled bun roll ..
(In the Background) Konata: “OMG! Its a choco bun roll!!”

*Konata pushes Saber*
Holy ..
Saber: “Ooooff~!!”
Konata: “CHOCO BUN ROLL!!”

Saber: ” … Hhmmph .. “
Konata: “Oh wow! It smells so .. oishii~~!”

Saber: “Grrr …”
Konata: “Ho ho ho! Itadakimasu~~!!”

Saber: “Come here! How dare you push me down and take my offering?!”
Konata: “Eeeeeyaaah~~! Saber-chan’s gone mad and scary! Run, everyone!”
Sigh .. Yada .. Yada … =_=”

  1. Ninjovee says:

    Poor Saber! She fell flat on her face!
    I loved her face when she said Please! It made me want to hug her!

  2. Shane says:

    Saber is going to stick her Excalibur up Konata’s butthole

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