Another Konata/Saber Morning .. with Yutaka!

Posted: 20/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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This morning, i was tracking EMS like crazy, coz i knew if i were to order stuff on Mondays and Tuesdays, they always arrive on Mondays! Even tho mail people do not work on the weekends, but the mail still get delivered to their states! By knowing this, i get real paranoid when i have the ability to track items like my figmas/nendoroids .. or even my AP suit => .. So this is the mail person arrived, and this happened ..

Saber: “Today, we would like to introduce .. all the way from Japan ..”
Konata: “My cousin, Yutaka-chaaaaan~~!”
Yutaka: “Hajimemashite!” (Nice to meet u)


Konata: “Behind us are some of the souvenirs i got from Armageddon 2009~! Some pictures with frames, shirts and etc!”
Yutaka: “Don’t forget the neko hats, Onee-san!”
Saber: “Really? I will go have a look at them then.”

Saber stares. Chiiii~~~~~~~
Konata: “As you can see in the back, a Haruhi shirt saying ‘I am not interested in ordinary people!’ .. =3”
Yutaka: “Saber-senpai?”

Saber still staring. Chiiii~~~~~~~
Konata: “During the convention, i saw the Azumanga Daioh silver neko ‘biting head’ hat .. but it was sold out within 3 hours on the first day .. i didnt get any because i was too busy taking pics of cosplayers and the 501st.”
Yutaka: “Saaaaaaber-senpai?”

Saber: “… everyone, i got something important to say.”
Yutaka: “What are you looking at Saber-senpai?”
Konata: “Mostly collected stuff from Seto No Hanayome, Lucky Star and Black Lagoon .. mostly to give my room the anime look! Rich colored pictured frames! I wonder what Saber-chan is looking at?”

Saber: “This is DEFINITELY A VERY MOE picture.”
Yutaka giggles.
Konata: “Uwaaaa! Stop-pu! Thats Alex Louis Armstrong from FMA! I don’t think moe is the word for him, Saber-chan!”

Saber: “Are you trying to say, that Armstrong is not moe? “
Yutaka: “Haha ^^”
Konata: “Uhhh, i dont think so. I cant even find the word to describe him.”

Saber: “Well, i still think Armstrong is very moe!”
Konata: “Yossshhh .. whatever floats your boat, Saber-chaaaan”

Saber: “Armstrong is the very essence of moe!”
Konata: “I am gonna check out the rest of the souvenirs .. and comrades in the HobbySearch parcel ..”

Saber: “That Konata .. acting all like that just because there is more than one Figma now .. just you wait..”

Yutaka: “Wow .. so many other Figmas!”
Konata: “Oh hoho! Kagami is still among them! XD”

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