A picture of Seth Green posing with the 501st Legion, TAG (Terror Australis Garisson Outpost) taken from another trooper (TK 5345). I missed this part! The result of ‘yamcha’ syndrome T_T

Been working on spaces to host my pictures for both my brog and my personal stuff. Over the years, i have been using ImageShack coz i was really lazy. But then started tweaking around with Firefox addons and plugins. I was like, .. hmmm .. ImageShack is hell messy when it comes to albums, and not only that, it takes forever to load when you are running on low bandwidth. I tried DeviantArt (didnt realize i had an account made when it was in the BETA eons ago ..), then i stuck with Photobucket (after mixing around with Flickr, Facebook (has horrible quality, but good for ‘paper bag’ pics)). So now, all settled down using PixelPipe on my Mozilla Firefox browser and my iPhone. Picture snapping and uploading made ez!

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