A Camera Upgrade

Posted: 27/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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After Armageddon 2009 (Melbourne), i was motivated to get an actual good camera that does not have any “lag” time in between shots. Did loads of research via forums/emails and camped the camera shop for 3 days asking tons of questions. Finally, decided to get the Nikon D5000 with all kinds of accessories to get me started. Then i turned MIA exploring the features of the camera and the differences.

Image taken with the iPhone 3GS (not saying I would replace my iPhone, but its video recording features is YouTube friendly!)

Reading the manual before i play the toy is a discipline i got ever since i gotten my first Transformer G1 when i was a kid. It helps to know what u need to do! Then, pretty much i experimented with the different lens/focus/light settings .. and techniques .. which i would need to level up in time! Manual focus and selective auto focus features is a good thing!

Then, there were assignments, i had to finish after Armageddon, with a few work related tasks needed to be accomplished. Thats what you get for taking a holiday. So, i was pretty occupied .. and snapping random pics during the break!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – Episode 04 =3

  1. LEon says:

    Congratz for getting your new DSLR.

  2. Ederuferuto says:

    Hai hai! Another D5000 user. XD

  3. botakai says:

    now moarr pics!!

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