A Worldwide Caramelldansen Day?

Posted: 01/11/2009 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture

Reading the post on Figure.Fm @ Danny Choo, a topic Worldwide Caramelldansen Day was posted. Cannot believe that the 2005 video phenomenon has turned into an actual worldwide dance day (November 1st). Right after Halloween Day itself. Whether its true or not, i am amazed to see how this video has survived all the way thru to 2009. When it started, it was a simple video with a catchy tune and sprited anime char gifs. Anything from the oldest anime chars to even gaming characters.

Then when Danny Choo in his Tokyo Trooper danced it, i was like “Uhh ok, thats normal for anyone who shared the same interests and hobbies.

And now, its has turned into a song that every experienced Cosplayer/Otaku/Jap Pop Culture person would know. Just by listening to it, they know the dance, whether they practiced or not. I have a theory that it might on a genetic level! (Is God an Otaku? Who knows!)


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