Critically Injured Drossel! But looks like she will be saved!!

Posted: 02/11/2009 in Otaku Culture
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When my first Drossel arrived, she was perfectly well displayed within the box, not until i shook the box, and what the .. opening the box with tears in my eyes. *SNIFF* .. I would not mind touching her up, but the joint was so small, u know its a damn miracle that i balanced her well enough to actually snap a few pics of her posing. I probably defied all laws of physics doing those tasks.

I cannot .. feel … my legs ..

So i tried sending Hobby Search an email on the weekend and they replied today, Monday (after Halloween and Caramelldansen Day). I was anxious and this was the reply.


After reading the email, i felt like it was Christmas for me. Hopefully, i would receive it soon =)

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