With a broken toe ..

Posted: 12/11/2009 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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What is there to do?! Without the ability to make it pass my house door and put on shoes .. what is there to do? Thats what u get when having cat like reflexes and jumping out of bed with 2 asleep legs! Even my nendo/figmas turned against me!

You have to rest, if not .. no internet for you!

  1. rockleelotus says:

    hope you heal up soon! how did you break the toe? o.O

    awesome pic, little Kyoukas are cute lol

    • gameshark03 says:

      Jumped out of bed like a cat the moment the alarm woke, with both my legs asleep (the thing that happens to ur legs when u kneel too long and cut off the blood supply) .. fractured/crushed my left toes .. and had to snap the pinky toe back into place! rofl.

  2. zh3us says:

    Ouch! Do take good care of it!

    LOL My mouse!

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