Stage 01: Armor Crafting

Posted: 13/11/2009 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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Finally started to set up my Drossel armor .. meh, its not a Drossel armor, but a Stormtrooper (TK AP Armor). Starting with the legs first. All i can say is .. “Know thy Dremel tool” .. pretty nifty tool to have!! The dremel is a powerful and deadly tool, and i dont want any of my kawaii nendos to be near it when random shrapnel flies all over the place!

TK Armor 001Whew! After proper cutting with a steady hand and a dremel cutting tool .. shinny leg armor!!

TK Armor 002The Stormtrooper armor is as shinny as Ojou-sama!! Bottom leg armor completed. Working on thigh armor and hopefully arms tomorrow too!!

Mission Criteria: Prepare a troop-worthy armor for a Malaysian convention on Dec 19th/20th, 2009 @ Sunway Pyramid. Trying to make Xmas a little shinny whiter than usual!

  1. yunamon says:

    You’re trooping yourself up!? Sugoi~!

    Are you going to AFA09 next week?

  2. Shazzsteel says:

    so, when is mines ready?

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