Stage 03: Armor Crafting

Posted: 15/11/2009 in Non-Digital World
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No figmas or nendoroid poses this time, because i was waaaay too tired to pose them. Would have had some time, if it didnt randomly rain at 1400hrs!! TwT .. really wasted some of my precious crafting hours. Today’s Sunday and classes start again tomorrow, not to mention, my toe is healed with the blood clot gone and all. Woot!! But back to doing the challenge lab at class, and that would take me a while >_<

Finally, all the important huge pieces are done cutting and sanding! The only things that need to be done are the following:

  • Helmet
  • Smaller parts to be glued onto armor
  • Velcro the armor to make it attachable to me
  • Designing a strap system based on other 501st Legion Troopers.

But before all that, i have to trim a certain areas in the arms and legs to match me, so i can be more mobile and bendable for poses!! Before i continue making my armor, i will be waiting for more of my veteran troopers to give me some pointers on the TAG forums. Until then, its just minor sanding and cutting to adjust the legs and arms to my size.

  1. Shazzsteel says:

    Oh wow, nice, how do you shape the plastic though to get its shape? does it come preshaped or something?

  2. gameshark03 says:

    pre molded, then u have to heat it up and bend pieces, and then cut them out

  3. zh3us says:

    New info for me: i totally thought that the armor comes made up and all. Looks like its another model kit. in 1/1 scale!

    • Crimotaku says:

      That’s what everyone thought about cosplayers too! There are originally made ones from home .. And there are eBay ones!

      Every trooper from the 501st legion has to make their armor from scratch. Then get checked for authenticity then only approve them to be members. Can’t sign up if u have no pics to prove u made ur own costume/armor!

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