Stage 04: Armor Crafting

Posted: 18/11/2009 in Otaku Culture
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For the past two days, have not really been blogging, because having classes to finish (nearly ending the semester) and armor crafting and anime watching is way too packed to do anything! I even neglected my kawaii daughters =< So here is the update of my armor status.

Puchi Kyoukas: Nyaaaa .. we have been busy sanding and trimming armor!

Drossel: Daisuki~~!! <3 *Hugz* So shiney like me!

Konata: So close to completion =w=

Drossel: Lets prepare for the next phase of the plan. Helmet assembly!

ARMOR UPDATE: These are the finalized pieces. Just waiting for me to design a snap on system, to make it wearable =3

Cut and trimmed the armor to fit me physically and the helmet only needs sanding on the ear pieces then i can start assembling the helmet!

LOOT UPDATE: And some bonus loot that came today in the mail! Haruhi Cosplay Konata Izumi! Figma 001!!

Now i have two cosplaying Figmas ^w^

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