Stage 06 – Armor Crafting on a Sunday

Posted: 22/11/2009 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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Woke up and started working on the armor from 1300hrs to 2100hrs. It was raining, and every otaku i know in Singapore is at the AFA09. *Cry* .. was wearing the jumpsuit for the whole day and it kept me real warm during the drizzle and the tasmanian cold! Was cutting and trimming minor pieces and ended the night with super glue-ing some velcro onto the specific pieces .. spent the whole day trimming my leg armors so i can walk comfortably and moonwalk too ^w^

Cut/sanded/trimmed the following pieces. These pieces go onto the stomach armor and my knuckles and shoulders. Clipped the velcro coz i have to wait for 24hrs for the superglue to dry.

An exhausted trooper after nearly 9hrs of armor crafting .. i am wishing to obtain a certain nendo to be restocked before Xmas .. Zzzzz~~!!

  1. Shazzsteel says:

    That black jump suit makes you look invisble cause it looks like that shitr on the chair is extended. So your just a floating head lol.

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