Tokyo Dancing Trooper in Singapore Part2 / AFA09 Youtubes

Posted: 23/11/2009 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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Nothing much to say about it .. its Danny Choo trying to imitate the Singaporean accent/slang! With a few mei-dos! =3 After AFA09, i was amazed to find out, not only was it a big event for otaku, but a massive culture shock for those who didnt know what the AFA was all about. Well, first time for everything! Apparently the newbies were shocked to see so many otakus in Singapore, and brain-freezed when they saw the maid cafe! Coz they didnt know how to react to it! ROFL. Looks like otaku culture is not globally known yet in some areas of the world. Either that, or these ‘normals’ have not been surfing the internet right! Haha!

The staff that  helped pull off AFA09 did a great job, even when they were shocked by Otaku Culture. Even when saying “I am trying to keep an open mind..” .. their minds mostly froze about how a big deal anime conventions can be! Its like that quote “Humans tend to fear what they do not understand!” .. enough bickering about the mortals .. they can take their own time to accept otakuism and evolve or something. Here are some of the AFA09 youtubes! (Credit goes to this uploader, Zerartul @ Youtube)

Team Singapore – Gundam 00 Exia. They won the competition!

Team Philippines – Witchblade

Team Malaysia – Code Geass

Team Thailand – Houshin Engi

  1. BlackSun88 says:

    lol thx thx for uploading this!! at least this make up for not able to go there myself…

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