Stage 07 – Armor Crafting

Posted: 24/11/2009 in Non-Digital World

The topic is getting old, but progress is progress! And it must be reported!! Here are some handy things to have when making Stormtrooper armor.

The Super Glue used to glue velcro on. This is pretty strong stuff, but expensive in small amounts >_<

Used to glue/melt together the ABS pieces. Using this to install my planned ‘snap’ system (involves eyelids/clip-ons, etc) onto my armor.

Remember to have plenty of clips, to hold the pieces when the glue/cement weld is drying for 24 hours.

The armor bells are the first to be used welding cement on. First welded a blank piece of ABS, then going to glue another piece that has eyelids on them.

These are the ‘snap system’. Drilled holes onto these cut ABS pieces, and they will be glued onto the other blank ABS i have all around the armor. Will show how the ‘snaps’ work when i progress in later days!

Handy tools to have. Leather belt hole puncher (used later on webbing with eyelids for the ‘snap system’) .. and a eyelid puncher. Better than using a hammer and a nail tool thingie!!


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