Armor Crafting – Completed Snap System

Posted: 01/12/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Been a while since i did any figma comics, because i have like 2 more days to finish all my assignments, and 2 weeks to go before i leave for Malaysia. And i have to finish a mondo network assignment in 2 days; book my flight ticket home when i know when i can go home; and finish putting my armor together.


  • Tested all 4 limbs, i am able to sit/bend/walk up stairs.
  • Need to wait for glue for stomach/butt armor pieces
  • Chest armor pieces are nearly completed.
  • Still deciding if i should make my butt armor split into two pieces (so i can detach my butt armor)

Here are the final pics of the finished Strap System (holding my joints together) =3


  1. zh3us says:

    Woooooot!! Cannot wait till its completed! Wonder if there are spaces to stick figures into/strap them on.

    Creating the Stormtrooper’s armor’s really no small task!

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