Armor Crafting – Refinalizing the Helmet

Posted: 04/12/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Have not been sleeping for the past 48 hours due to exams, but the last day has passed and i have completed my course! Now come the dreaded moments when i have to book my flight back to Malaysia for Xmas, New Year and maybe Chinese New Year as well!! But fatigue and panda eyes did not stop me from armor crafting and playing with my kids. It all started when i saw something in the mail. The lens and the foams i needed, mailed to me by other fellow troopers from Melbourne and Launceston!!

Here goes the comic/manga of my armor crafting!!

Figma AP 01
The Puchi Kyoukas betray their new Queen!
Figma AP 02
Their mission objective revealed!
Figma AP 03
Saber Lion is enraged and furious!
Figma AP 04
Run, flee! In terror .. uh oh ..
Figma AP 05
The one that did not get away!
Figma AP 06
Objective? To repaint the wrong colored spots!
Figma AP 07
Ojou-sama being so ever helpful like always! While the Puchi Kyoukas do all the work!
Figma AP 08
Changing the paper like lens for actual solid ones!
Figma AP 09
A heat gun is needed to make this bend nicely to what i want!
Figma AP 10
Guess this anime reference!

The insides of my helmet, as displayed:
AP Helm 01
Before lens replacement, but after the painting touch up!
AP Helm 02
Removal of the paper lens! And replaced with solid ones!
AP Helm 03
The insides of my helmet with foams for cushions and my new lens!
AP Helm 04
Detachable lens, for cleaning or replacement!
AP Helm 05
That’s my lens right there, detached from the helmet!

  1. Ningyo says:

    Wao, that is one sick looking helmet. And I was actually totally thinking about gurren lagann before you did that xD Was the helmet extremely costly, or did it take more building effort than money? Or both?

    ah yes, sleepless nights for the sake of edumacation…

    • gameshark03 says:

      Well, its cheaper to make it yourself if you have all the tools needed ready. Yes, ur right! Its Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Building your own helmet looks way more movie accurate than all those already built ones u see on ebay.

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