Armor Crafting – A minor flaw happened!

Posted: 09/12/2009 in Otaku Culture
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This would be the first attempt of me trying out the Email to Blog post. Just seeing how well it goes with pictures attached to the email. An Armor Crafting Update Post!





Next on my to-do list:

  • 2nd coat of paint on bling-bling screws on my helmet (it came with super gold shiny screws)
  • stitch up my vest coz its good as it is.

Note: The email post came out all gibberish. Well, it was worth a shot, but i think i will deal with normal posting, that way, i can Categorize and Post Tag all my posts.

  1. Ningyo says:

    imo posting from a word processor or just in wordpress is the way to go. email just isn’t flexible enough, and it feels like your email might get lost in transport o.o

    • gameshark03 says:

      yeah, i tried the iPhone WordPress app as well, could not expect much if i just wanted to blog text. if i wanted to do that, i’d just twit! because of the lack of internet connection i may be facing in Malaysia .. i have to find an offline method to blog.

  2. Shazzsteel says:

    can’t you using velcro for that lose connector?

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