Armor Crafting – Did some tweaking and fixing the flaws

Posted: 10/12/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Did some minor tweaking and fixing on my armor today. The main parts are all in place. Did some painting, drilling, replacement of certain rivets and put in washers and all that. Found a leatherworking shop that sold Chicago Screws that i could use for all my black buttons on my ABS plates, to permanently hold them now and its kinda unnoticeable from a certain range, but what the heck, its covered coz i am slightly shorter than an average trooper! =P

Painted Humbrol Glossy White studs. Made it this way to make it to be dismantled for packing convenience.
The insides of the left leg armor pieces.
Another part of the armor with studs painted with Humbrol Glossy White paint. Made to be dismantled!
Kept together using velcro and heavy duty studs. Used velcro to make it adjustable.
Removed the dodgy rivets and installed new ones with washers. Drilled holes and installed Chicago screws on my button ABS plate. That stopped it from dropping off permanently!
The insides of my stomach armor, see those washers? Prevents the screws/rivets from digging into the ABS armor pieces when installing them.
The size of my rivets and washers.
Thinking of modding this part of my armor (chest), trying to use less velcro. The velcro is held down by super glue (Shelly’s), and the main enemy of all glues are heat and sweat and time!

To Do List:

  • Pick up my Snap System Vest from the leatherworker next week. Hopefully earlier.
  • Looking for things on the armor to tweak!

Next week i fly home to Malaysia for the Comic Fiesta/Xmas/New Year and such. =< Incoming Heatwave of Awesomeness!

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