Preparing for Comic Fiesta 2009 – The Compulsaries

Posted: 11/12/2009 in Otaku Culture
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To make sure my outfit is complete with convenient and basic needs, i had to make sure certain items would be within my reach (even in armor). Noone better than to use Danny Choo as a reference, coz he dances around with a groove with nearly everything on him. Well, based on pictures .. unless he has a personal caddy to carry his toys driving him around in a golf cart! =3 Did some Xmas shopping today for my family members back home, and with the newly acquired items today .. something hit me .. inspiration .. so here it is!

Perfect example of a trooper, when it comes to storing certain items. It is always wise to bring all ur basic needs when trooping, if not, we might have half dead, nearly starved to death troopers drooling at food displays!
The extras i bought together with my Xmas shopping in Hobart.
Making sure everything is secure when kept within. Dont want any .. unwelcomed fingers molesting my nendos/figmas while at Comic Fiesta or anywhere else!
Time for the ultimate test! Making sure nothing gets out! … and in when closed.
I love bags and pouches that come together with zips and velcro!
This pouch alone is enough to carry my 2 nekos and maybe up to 2 figmas. Have not decided on who to bring when it came to the figmas. Drossel no1 is definitely out of the picture due to a bad hip! =(

I love this time of year .. and i also love all my kids! From nekos, figmas and nendos! Ho .. ho … hooooo~~!!

  1. Shazzsteel says:

    Your printing out a DC logo on a big piece of paper and sticking on your back right? :P

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