An early surprise Christmas present!

Posted: 16/12/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Earlier today, before going out to dinner with a few mates, i didnt expect someone to give me my very first Christmas present in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. From a very sweet girl and a very cheeky one in fact! (Hoping this cheeky development didnt come from me .. rofl) .. she decided to give me an early Christmas present and was so eager to find out my reaction on MSN before i take the next flight out of Australia for the holidays (Hobart > Melbourne, Melbourne > Kuala Lumpur).

Eagerly setting the proper resolution for my TV .. Sawako can never be any more moe >_<
Briefly interrupted ..
Oh wow, an early Christmas present from a friend in Hobart, Tasmania .. and before Xmas too!
Oh what a cheeky girl she is .. giving me cheeky monkeys on boxers .. Thats what i get for monkeying around all the time ^_^
The boxers werent the only thing that came with the box and Christmas card ..

If i do not make it to blog from Malaysia .. EVERYONE HAVE A MERRY MERRY XMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR =3

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