Well, i would usually brag about how awesome Comic Fiesta 2009 was .. but its been days and my flame to FLAME has died down. But to make sure i share my experiences and views with the readers.. well .. less text .. more pics!

And these are my Malaysian Trip December Loot from CF09/Little Akiba/Time Machine:



Managed to get my Figma Lucky Star Winter Collection complete! And the rare Nendo Tsunderes (Louise, Shana and Mikumiku Kagami!) from my trip in Malaysia! Cospa SEA Shirts too! PHAT LOOTZ!!

“A picture describes a thousand words anyways!”

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624002307579″ ]

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624125813816″ ]

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624001529803″ ]

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624001505995″ ]

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624001508915″ ]

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624001468965″ ]

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624001457477″ ]

  1. Shazzsteel says:

    You finally got miku :P

  2. Razrig says:

    nice meeting u at cf09 ^^.. mistaken u with solomon ~~ nice armor tho ^^

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