Malaysia: Time Machine (Berjaya Time Square)

Posted: 29/12/2009 in Otaku Culture
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Located in Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur. Its the one of the two places in Malaysia that sells legit otaku goods. But the difference is .. its massively towards Gunpla .. whatever stuff. Gundam and Mecha stuff. They only stock up on new nendo/figmas .. but renews the rest.

Located within Berjaya Time Square. I think it was on the 7th or 9th floor. This place is massive!
I asked for permission before taking pics .. they doubt at first .. until i showed them how much passion i had!
Plenty of remade toys and figures. The classics!
And mondo of shelves of Gundam mecha stuff ..
Took my kids to pose around, the lady was pretty shocked about what i was doing with my figma/nendos =3
Ojou-sama ‘They even sell these .. with and without the game!’
Kyouka ‘Nyaaaaaaa!’
Ojou-sama ‘A chibi version of me! The nendo Drossel!’
Ojou-sama ‘Minions! We have found her! The last of the tsundere on our Master’s list .. our quest for the tsunderes are complete!’

  1. maru says:

    7th floor, my friend. Time Machine is more on Gunpla and similar stuff. For PVC figures alike, shops like XLShop near Time Machine do the job. ^^

  2. zh3us says:

    Wowo!! Kagamiku Nendo! ^^;

  3. rockleelotus says:

    *drools* nice selection there, very fine choice you made!

    and happy new year to you! :D

  4. Densha Otoko says:

    Why didn’t I know about this store !!! . Theres a Otaku Antique Shop near Anime Tech ( Don’t remember the name of the store) which sells old Toy stuff including Old Gundams dating back to the 80’s .

    I was there to find my First Ever Gunpla ( Yeah , I’m a Newbie ^^) . There was this section which is really full of Gunpla boxes and I have to squeeze there to get in . I think it has more Gunplas than this “TIme Machine” store .

    Would like to buy that Figma Saber Lily , if its not bootleg or anything ^^:;

  5. kazu says:

    wahh! so u were the one who bought that last nendo miku!!

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