Its his/her idea!!

Posted: 02/01/2010 in Otaku Culture
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Been a while since i made any random figma pics.. but i could not resist when i saw Zh3us’ post on his blog. I was, like .. oh my god … not her too! Then i came up with this! I wonder how Zh3us would react. Already did a few parodies of other bloggers .. but i am still too chicken to do Rockleelotus’ Nendo Totem Pole!

Its finally 2nd January 2010 .. freedom is so close, coz today is the day i take flight back to Penang, and .. ‘terrorize’ the locals!

*Ground shakes*
… and its not Godzilla!!
Mecha-nize figmas eh .. *stares at Zh3us*
It was ur idea!
.. and a bit of camera whoring!

  1. zh3us says:

    *Achem* More to come! =P

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