Belated/Forgotten Pre-Xmas Post

Posted: 25/01/2010 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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Touchdown in KL

Did not realize that i actually forgotten to post this up, well .. not until i was checking out 8GB worth of pics from my memory card during my ‘Back to Malaysia’ trip. This was taken before the Comic Fiesta 2009, when i was trying to find something to blog about when i arrived in Kuala Lumpur. That night alone, i was computer-less and internet-less .. but still trying it hard to make a comic of some sort! The apartment i lived in belonged to my dad and it was in the center of Kuala Lumpur .. i think. KLCC and multiple train services were within walking distance. During my stay, i found these things to take pics of.

Ancient Ex:Ride for Ancient Figmas?

This belonged to my dad. A miniature model from a more prehistoric time! An ancient prototype of the Ex:Ride?

The nekos found a miniature xmas tree too!

What is it with nekos and trees?!

Ojou-sama to the rescue!

Ojou-sama getting the nekos down from dangerous places ..

Do the nekos need rescue?

Nyaaa!! Buzz off! Your too heavy!

A sight for figma/nendo

Nyaaa! Too scared .. can’t move!!
I tried to do a scenic shot, but it was a very windy day, and i do not have the courage like Kodomut to put my ‘kids’ close the ledge. It was a pretty high balcony >_<

Biri Biri?
I wondered if Biri-Biri was in town? Playing with shutter speeds!
The original picture
This was how it actually looked like.
Capturing light experiment
Pretty interesting to see what the camera can see that the human eye cannot.

  1. chubbybots says:

    Lol thats a cool prototype ex ride :D

    I love the swirling light pictures ^^ Interesting the images you can get from the same shot but tweaking things a bit!

  2. Shazzsteel says:

    When did you take those trippy photos, i swear i didnt see those when i was going through your cam

  3. Narmi says:

    Where was this in KL and great shots Crim.

    • gameshark03 says:

      Yeah this is in Kuala Lumpur. Was there for my birthday and Comic Fiesta 2009. Where exactly? Location classified, but close to the Sungai Wang Shopping Complex!

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