Nick's Armor BBQ Party @ Launceston, 31st Jan 2010

Posted: 01/02/2010 in Anime/Manga, Cosplay, Otaku Culture, Stormtrooper
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After re-settling down into my home and finally giving my armor some attention, i managed to make it to Launceston for my first 501st Legion members’ Armor BBQ Party @ Nick’s! Well, i may not be a 501st Legion member yet. Since i goofed up not putting on a neckseal for the photos .. but i still had plenty of fun! Less words, more pics with descriptions! Who needs to read a wall of text anyways?!

Nick’s workshop, a place to craft armor. Look at all the neat things he got!

Look at all the stormtrooper helmets all over the place. Wonder if you can spot mine =)

There is even a shelve of helmets!

That facehugger was molded as well. I soooooo want one! Seeing it NOMNOMNOM-ing the helmet just made me smile with tears >_<

Now this is what i call a paper weight. Gangsta Facehugger from the Hood, yoz!

This clonetrooper helmet was made within a day. There was a first attempt .. but it ended up like scrambled eggs!

That’s me in my armor, now coming complete with a blaster. Lighter and easier to carry!

After all that fun and joy.. i saw something i would have never seen in Malaysia before. Sure we do have haze back home in Malaysia thanks to bush fires from Indonesia .. but the bush fires here in Australia are a whole new level and they take the cake! The haze was thick enough to be a fog!

Well, this is all i have to post today. Armor BBQ Gatherings are fun!! =3

  1. Shazzsteel says:

    wow, did you eat in your armours? did you make or buy the blaster? i bet you orgasmed at the site of the workshop

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