OTACOOL2 Cover Page

Its nearly completed! The OTACOOL2 Worldwide Cosplay book! Nothing much to say really because i am really at a lost for words. Danny Choo, Kaname and Alodia are on the front cover too! I hope the book is published after i move to my new place sometime in April, that way i wont have it mailed to my old address >_<

What i discovered about my homeland:
There seems to be some misunderstanding when it comes to the “representative” cosplayer of Malaysia. But i just hope the best for the Malaysian cosplay community. There are many types of cosplayers in the world, from good ones, wannabes, only costume and no character, and really mad ones that turn costuming/cosplaying into a lifestyle religion. To be fair to the girl that represented Malaysia in OTACOOL2, the good thing is .. at least she aint some ecchi hairy sailormoon crossplay! Imagine what would happen to Malaysia’s reputation if that happened?! Haha. Malaysia’s culture is rich with various races, but also a very timid and properly culture controlled country by their rulers.

Cosplaying is like the music industry in Malaysia. It started out nice, ppl raved about it, got emo about it, then destroyed it with all the negative feedback. I just hope the next time i go back, there is a peaceful convention to go to >_< I never take sides of its western/eastern conventions, i love them both equally. If only majority of Malaysian youth shared their passion for both western fanboy-ism and eastern otaku-ism. This pic below shows that it can happen! When East meets West!!

East meets West

Hoping my fellow mates in Malaysia put away all this negative vibe, and help promote cosplaying in Malaysia positively. Sure, you might need to skin a few ppl, but dont make it into a public execution (LIKE ON FACEBOOK). They have so much motivation and rage to witch-hunt a single person, if only they used this to flame the government into upgrading their IT infrastructure so we can finally compete with the rest of the world. Better tech means better bandwidth, better bandwidth means more anime! ROAR =3=

This came in the mail that day

Loot from Gordonator:
Arrived on Feb 5th. Found this VERY NEATLY TYPED letter from Singapore >_< I can actually see Gordon‘s handwriting under that sticked address of mine >_< but i will let it be since this will be a souvenir from a certain Singaporean Otaku “Dirty” Trooper for me.

Gordon Ho goodies

Inside the letter came with Gordonator‘s trading card and his Anime Fem Trooper stitch. When you join the 501st Legion, seems like every squad and trooper has their own special souvenirs from bottle cap opener, trading card and stitches. Its pretty much like collecting scout merit badges! Hopefully i can collect these items from other troopers and costumers, to show ppl that i have leveled up within the 501st Legion ranks!

Adding it to my 501st Legion loot

Adding this to the other card i got from the Launceston BBQ Armor Build Day (I kept confusing it with BBQ Armor Party for some fanboy reason). This card belongs to TAG (Terror Australis Garrison) member, Azrael (Nick from Launceston). He owns a room dedicated to Star Wars, which can rival an otaku’s room. Truly a culture experience, when western fanboy-ism meets eastern otaku-ism!

Personal update: Will be getting a molding of the facehugger from Aliens. A very cool paper weight and a gimmick used to inspire terror into friends and my ‘kids’.

  1. Dirty but nice trooper mind you. :3c

    Glad that the stuff reached you safe and sound. Cheers! ^^;

  2. Narmi says:

    Damn, I feel more tempted to get my own Storm Trooper armor.

    Malaysia will always be Malaysia and I agree they need moar bandwidth.

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