A trip to Nico Nico .. again!

Posted: 07/02/2010 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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It has been a while since i did a write up about Nico Nico. Nico Nico is mostly a plush toy shop run by a couple. Among that couple, the gf happens to be an otaku who just wishes to cosplay if given the chance to! The shop is cute and pretty girly, but its a lady otaku shop. I went there with a DC reader, Kuujiryo, wanting to visit and give them some pointers about what to expect of AICON (Anime Island Convention), and mostly what products to bring to sell at the convention. Among their loot in the shop, there are some figures as well, not much (they are still new to the business >_<), but its there.

There were some figmas, but they all got sold away pretty quick, leaving behind some GSC puchi nendos, the Vocaloids. There are also some gunpla (the bf is trying to sell manly otaku stuff) with some other figures (like Haruhi Suzumiya, Evangelion, Drossel, etc). Its not like Little Akiba, but if a shop is run by the right type of person, it has a chance of turning into something sweet! I bought my first item from Nico Nico today .. i just could not resist getting something really random and cute for my laptop table. Something to poke at when i have nothing else to do, haha!

Nyaaa! Its making wierd neko-nyaaa noises when we touch it! Nyaaa!!

This is the item i bought, an egg shaped neko with some pretty random features. If you poke it, it makes a lot of cute neko noises, but if you do it enough times, it makes a really pissed/annoyed neko noise! ROFL. This funny little thing-a-whatsit has two sets of sounds. One set of sounds when u put it on a table and interact with it, and another set of sounds when you lay it in your palm, like a Palm Top Tiger!

Nyaaa! Whats that?! Its gonna attack me!!

I was thinking of buying this too, but i already spent my otaku budget on some goods from Hobby Search. what were the goods? Missing loot that would complete my Lucky Star figma collection with some Ex:Rides. Ok, back to this box of kawaii-ness! Its a coin box shaped like a card box with a neko inside. The neko is like a plush toy with soft fuzzy paws. Everytime u put a coin on the plate, a neko head would pop out of the box (like the picture), and uses its paw to drag the coin into the box.

Say Cheee-zu! Nyaaa!!

This picture? My Puchi Kyoukas found themselves some GSC comrades in Nico Nico and decided to take a group pic. Its a sign …  that more GSC loot would come to the shop sooner or later. Nico Nico is starting with baby steps with Puchi Nendos first, then hopefully the bigger ones later! Would really love to see a shop with Figma/Nendo/Posters and etc pop up in Hobart ^^


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