Been a while since i got any loot. Why? Simple, i told myself that i would not buy any more anime related figures not until i have settled into the new place in April 2010. But after watching a couple of nendos and figmas getting reserved, sold out and all that. I just could not resist and gave into temptation >_<

Kyouka A: The loot has finally come! Nyaaa!! Do we unpack it?

Ojou-sama: Less blabbing, more unpacking!

Kyouka A: Oh my-NYAAAAAAA!!

Ojou-sama: Presenting the Early Feb 2010 Loot ..

Kyouka B: .. the ExRides have finally arrived! So did some other comrades!
Kyouka A:

Kyouka B: The Lucky Star cast is nearly complete (missing Patricia Martin) and figma Shiro can finally be paired up with figma Casual Saber!

Ojou-sama: Today, we also acquired this cheap PS3 game for only AUD30! Clearance Sale is always a good thing!

Kyouka B: I will save j00! We leave noone behind!
Kyouka A:

Kyouka B: After reading Kodomut’s Road Rage post, always knew the ExRides would be a bad idea ..

Kyouka A: Nyaaaa!! Oh no! RUN!1

Ojou-sama: Lets paint the town red!
Kyouka A: But not with my blood, Ojou-sama!

  1. chubbybots says:

    Lol I had a crack at that last line!

    ‘but not with my blood, Ojou-sama!’

    Run kyouka run!!

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