Happy Chinese New Year 2010 Everyone! Happy Valentines Day too!

Posted: 14/02/2010 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture, Series/Movies
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First there was Christmas, then there was the New Year, and now .. its Chinese New Year! Unlike most of the other years, i am first time celebrating this event away from home and my family in Australia. I was invited to join a Chinese ‘Pot Luck’ dinner on Chinese New Year’s eve. With my explosive cooking skills known to blow up kitchens with a mushroom death cloud, i was asked to cook something as well. Noone was harmed during the consumption of my cooked dish. Booyah!! I decided to take CNY one step further with a bit of costuming/cosplay. Customizing and decorating my armor to match the red Chinese New Year theme. Going to where no stormtrooper has gone before .. a Chinese New Year ‘Pot Luck’ dinner!

Took that Chinese Good Luck logo from a Chinese Red Packet i found in town. It was an idea given to me by Trooper Peter, from the 501st Legion, Malaysia/Brunei Outpost

My bell was decorated with this. I think it means Happiness.

Thats my armor in full red theme, prepared for Chinese New Year!

Otaku Trooper .. uhh .. CNY Trooper meets Chinese New Year traditions for the first time. One small step for me, but one giant step for all Imperial kind!

My TK helmet was hogged, because it seemed to possess the power of Good Luck. Ppl would win gambles when they had it beside them. In this case, the dealer had all the luck!

The aftermath after the hungry ppl were done with the ‘Pot Luck’ feast.

He put on my helmet and gambled with Poker. And for some mysterious reason, he started winning!

My helmet was designed for my head. Not strangers, how he managed to put it on and then get stuck in it is a mystery i cannot solve! XD

The attire of the CNY Trooper. The SOS armband matches the theme perfectly!

Hold it! This is not the ‘Ang Pau’ you are looking for! This is mine! Dibs!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Valentines Day! To everyone!

Oh yeah, here are some bonus photos of my brother and my friend messing around with my facehugger pet a day earlier. They have such good poses! ;)
S-s-save .. me ..


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