Armor upgrades (Feb 2010)

Posted: 15/02/2010 in Otaku Culture
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Been doing some armor upgrades when i had the free time is one thing, but making a pictorial guide to show what i did and its progress is another! I love documenting what i experience, but majority of my friends rather booze away and destroy brain cells. Well, i like my brain cells, because it helps me be creative and always thinking. Here are some pics, the pics have text in them that describes what i have done.

These are armor related pictures including Thermal Detonator:
TK AP Feb2010 001

TK AP Feb2010 002

TK AP Feb2010 003

TK AP Feb2010 004

TK AP Feb2010 005

TK AP Feb2010 006

TK AP Feb2010 007

TK AP Feb2010 008

TK AP Feb2010 009

TK AP Feb2010 010

TK AP Feb2010 011

TK AP Feb2010 012

These are my E-11 Blasters, a heavier and a lighter one:
TK AP Feb2010 013

TK AP Feb2010 014

TK AP Feb2010 015

TK AP Feb2010 016

TK AP Feb2010 017

Shortcut to Flickr Gallery for the Armor Upgrades Feb 2010 (

Next on my To-Do List, would be a new redesigned less complicated & less glossy version of my ‘Snap-On’ Vest!


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