After downloading the demo on the PS3, i thought it would just another ‘Meeeeh’ game, but it turned out otherwise! Received an email from EB Games informing that AVP for the PS3/XboX/PC is finally out! The graphics are pretty neat, and the controls are simple to use.

What are the drawbacks? What else? Hoping around like crazy and scaling the walls in a spiral loop always make normal people dizzy, but for the experience gamers that perform Matrix Gun Fu moves in FPS games, this is cake!

Bayonetta is a pretty awesome game too, really keeps u on your toes, and its not of those games you can play half asleep. If your drowsy, ur just dead meat in that game. Bayonetta, in my opinion, has been a very good thing after Devil May Cry 2! Devil May Cry 3 and 4 just didnt have the kick anymore. If i was exposed to any more Dante, i would have turned gay! XD

Meganekko + Dual gun wielding = Hawtness! Managed to unlock 2 secret weapons and its pretty bad ass! Final Fantasy 12? What can i say, i really got distracted, but i should really finish the game really soon with FF13 coming out this year >_<

Time to warm up the PS3 and really get these games going ..
My pet, Facehugger? Yeah .. i have one!

  1. Games PS3 says:

    Thanks for the information and content useful. :D

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