Hobart's Dog Show Day

Posted: 21/02/2010 in Events, Galleries, Life, Others, Stormtrooper
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With one more week to Heroes 4 Kids day where i get to suit up as a Stormtrooper, this weekend i was asked out to go check out Hobart’s Dog Show Day @ Botanical Gardens! While i was there i was pretty amazed about how many pooch lovers there were in Australia. Back home in Malaysia, most public events like these would only involve ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ .. the pedigree of expensive bought dogs. Dogs bred in captivity to only have two purposes: Impress people with discipline & Just be pretty. But in Australia, its slightly .. or massively different from back home (Malaysia).

Dogs over here are smart, obedient, friendly .. even to babies .. and just look so naturally good looking! Thanks to the 4 seasons! Some dogs were so big, they pretty much dwarf asians like me! Haha. Oh well, less blabbing .. more pics! Finally got to use my 55m+ lens too! Sniping random shops from a known position!

DSC_0587Dog owners and their pooches chilling on the hill sides of the Botanical Gardens. One of the many hills.

DSC_0592These two pooches are born siblings.


This pooch gave me the ‘Watcha lookin’ at, punk?!’ look.


Unlike Malaysian pooches, pooches are brought up like family members. Even young children can walk their canine family members. There was a time, i met a dog and an infant by themselves, but the dog made sure no one approached the infant till the mom came back. >_<

DSC_0642This is one of the massive sized dogs. Big, slobbery and wrinkly all over! A form of cuteness!


This dog knows how to chill, cut back, and relax!


Another thing you dont see in Asian countries, carrying ur babies made easy! Baby in a backpack! Asian people back home in Malaysia dont tend to do this, due to certain beliefs.


Another cute shot of a mutt! <3


This dog was a bit unique, it would look wherever the owner was looking XD


Size does matter. This was one of the two super sized dogs i have seen at the event. Look at that size and shaggy fur!


Now for some action Summer Shots! This kid was enjoying summer by rolling down the hill >_<


.. and the kid left his hat somewhere midway when he was rolling .. rolling .. rolling down the hill~~! *singing*

Flickr Gallery:

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  1. Densha Otoko says:

    I’m more of a Cat person but I’m not a Dog-hater either .

    In Asian Countries , We Don’t often do Picnics , dunno why ^^;; .

    I dunno why carrying Babies in Backpacks are considered forbidden in Asian countries , I think its because it symbolizes that Babies should not be carried like an object such as a Backpack but walking chairs are acceptable .

    LOL at Kid rolling down the hill .

    • gameshark03 says:

      Well, if its a specially designed backpack for infants, i dont see why not. There are so many single parents out there in the world, and some of them take their kids around while doing groceries, which involve using two hands =)

      very common over here to see that. :)

      I like cats and i like dogs. But i only like the interactive ones, if its a Paris Hilton dog, meh .. i might as well play with my nendo/figmas.

  2. Lisalicious says:

    i love dogs!!

    dogs have always been apart of my life!


    oh yeah did u ping your blog in http://www.ozbloggers.com or not?

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