Anime: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Posted: 25/02/2010 in Anime/Manga
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Been a while since i did an anime post, due to so many side projects. I finally finished watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (all 3 seasons or was it 4?), and i must say its a really mind boggling anime. Most of the puns and topics mentioned in this show is related to .. how do i put it .. ‘The Truths You See When Looking At Life”. But this only depends on the individual living their lives as well. Some people just live and ignore everything around them without seeing the minor details, like litter. Half of the people in the world just ignore litter completely because its an inconvenience, but what they dont realize  is, litter is everywhere. Litter is like a problem, and there is plenty in the world today, and these people are ignoring these problems. Half of the people within the world, that is. But i think that percentage has changed.

In English, this anime is known as “Teacher Despair”, which is what i usually try to call it when i bring this anime up for discussion. >__< .. why? Because its easier! This anime is like a literature novel, similar to a self help book, but it involves facts and issues you see in every day life. A good show, but not meant for people with a very short attention span. For example, if you can watch the recent Robert Downey Jr “Sherlock Holmes” movie and catch every word he said without blurring out .. then yeah, you can definitely watch this anime. :3

Litter is a problem, not a culture! From where i come from, i swear, its like .. most of my are genetically bred and mentally taught to litter if the trash can is 200m away. I AM IN DESPAIR .. MY COUNTRY’S SO-CALLED CLEANLINESS HAS LEFT ME IN DESPAIR!! Just for record, a clean country is a country when u can sit on the road side without accidentally sitting on gum, cigs and left over food :)

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