Anime: Asura Cryin 2

Posted: 28/02/2010 in Anime/Manga

Asura Cryin 2

Asura Cryin 2, techinically giving it an overall of 7.5/10. This anime is close to being a harem, but as close enough to be something similar like Love Hina, where the main character is in an environment of 90% girls and 10% of guys. Its a good mix Science Fiction and Fantasy, from Mecha that are summoned like Pokemons from out of nowhere, demons, astral projection and magic. Oh yeah, cannot leave out the human converted into androids as well! Asura Cryin is a short anime tho, which is made up of 2 seasons, 13 episodes each. The art was solid, the fight scenes were like Yugioh where the combatants would take turns to attack in a way, because you would rarely see them clashing at each other like mad during the battle.


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