Neko sleeping snipe shots!

After a nice long night’s rest after attending Hobart Relay for Life 2010, finally had the energy to put up a post but already did a shorter version on Really love that interface, it was designed for bloggers who had pictures to share in high resolution! <3 For this event, i was informed that Heroes 4 Kids sent out an email to the Tasmanian 501st Legion local members from Terror Australis Garrison, stating that they needed some stormtroopers to escort their non-501st Legion Darth Vader. Originally TAG members from Tasmania, Jeremy and Joel was going, but plans changed as they both got occupied with real life events that happened on that very same day, 27th Feb 2010. Was looking forward to finally having a troop with registered TAG members in Tasmania TwT

The thing about Hobart's Domain Athletic Centre is, it was placed on the wrong part of the map. According to the map on my iPhone it was beside the shore which i was pretty suspicious since i drove past that shore so many times and never saw it. Instead of it being by the shore, it was hidden in a bush all way up on a hill!

Suiting up and finally joining the rest of the Heroes 4 Kids people. They were really helpful and nice people with similar goals to me in life. Bringing smiles to faces and love the attention received and sharing the experience with all generations.

Well, those are the shirts wore by the people who got involved with this event, Relay for Life (

When i arrived i met up with the Heroes 4 Kids members, which was around 5 to 6 people, my brother (JL) and a friend (Jocelyn) came along as well. Both taking pictures of the event and sharing their experience thru pictures. From the H4K (Heroes 4 Kids), we had a Darth Vader and Spider-Man! Spidey had an amazing costume that i can just say nothing but “Wow!” with awe, as for the Darth Vader costume, its not 501st Legion detailed but its a good suit that could pass for Vader anytime in my opinion. Only difference is, this Vader was mobile friendly and had mobility, but still had the same flaw as other Vaders, the visibility. According to a fellow trooper from Malaysia-Brunei Outpost (501st Legion), Trooper Peter, he said that the Darth Vader was a RUBIES. What amazing examination, as i was completely clueless and fooled by it.

Meeting up with H4K's Spidey (awesome suit) and Darth Vader (not 501st, but still very impressive!)

H4K's Spidey meets a local fan Spidey! Haha!

Compared with back home in Malaysia, really loved the environment and the exposure here, because in this land down South, people know about everything i love about in western comics, from Spider-Man, Joker and all else. They take the cake when it comes to comparing with my passion for western comics (Marvel, DC, Image, etc). Malaysia is great with an anime community and all, but its only the eastern side they know about. They have been cut off and are haven’t noticed that conventions existed long before anime conventions and during that era, there were already costumed super heroes >_<

Like always, i love playing around and giving a wonderful and fun experience to the kids :)

Thats my boss, Darth Vader, watching me slack off playing with the kids >_<

The kid goes *PEWPEWPEW* on the stormtrooper!

There were also other costumed characters participating in the relay, to me, they were target practice! Hehe!

Locally designed super hero costumes with originality, Captain Awesome and sidekick! Very passionate and spirited people are found here in Australia!

I did not realize this was a character from Monsters VS Aliens, i was always aiming at this guy thinking he was an archery target >_<

Vader and I found ourselves young padawans converted to the Dark Side.

Blast them!

I dont think Spidey encourages me teaching a young girl on how to use blasters! Haha!

Vader always get all the bad girls .. uhh .. Batgirls .. hmm .. i meant, chick versions of Batman and Robin!

Taking a picture with the new local superheros. Originality, passion and fun! The Force is strong within these ones!

This is Jeremy, registered member of the 501st. He didnt bring his armor coz he was unexpectedly busy today. But the main point is that he came!

Even in armor, i cannot resist taking pictures! Its all about capturing the natural moment!

More smiley group pictures! Pictures like these put a tear in my eye =3

I think i heard Vader say "Be mine or else!" XD

From where i come from (Malaysia), we do not have knights! Always wanted to take a picture with one!

Stormy "Lord Vader, i think this is one of the reasons we got cancer.."

A fair maiden challenged me, so out of self defense, i defended myself!

But along came Zorro!! I was outgunned and outwitted!

Vader "This! Is how you play with swords! En garde!"

Having some target practice on the Wii. Wasnt sure if i wanted to blast the target or the Wii >_<

After an estimate troop between 2-3 hours .. That's all, folks!

After going around the relay track for 2-3 laps, just walking, of course! My trooping mission with the H4K finally ended. When you are having fun time seems to pass so fast! The weather was cloudy and cold, but still suitable for troopers like me coz i was pretty warm in my armor. Could not say the same for poor Spidey tho! >_< Well, i guess with the right undersuits, troopers can go to cold regions of the world in armor! There was also an event when relay runners would run for 24 hours as well, but i didnt stay that long. Check out more images on my Flickr! Don’t know what bloody happened to Flickr, took me 6 hours to upload these photos, and i was originally thinking about uploading the full resolution pictures for the H4K. I guess i will just burn them a DVD as it is easier the next time i meet up with them =)

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  1. blogatoy says:

    OMG! looks liek you are having so much fun XD
    I haven’t attended any cons >.> i hope i get a chance this year. You can say that I’m an otaku in hiding =D

    • gameshark03 says:

      So many types of Otakus .. dont forget we make the world more colorful with our hobbies and cosplay comparing to all the serious and boring black suited ppl who slave their lives every day working to death doing their jobs. >_<

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