March 2010, Week 01, JList and Stormtrooper Loot

Posted: 04/03/2010 in Otaku Culture
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Nyoron~~?? =3

The Hasbro E-11 Blaster that i will soon modify to be the uber light version of my previous 2 blasters!

After watching so many tsundere animes, how can you miss out on the Tenori Taigas! Must get for Taiga fans!

This is pretty much the loot i got from J-List and Doopy's (UK)

Sure its not nendos and figmas, but i would say this is an upgrade to both me and my armor =) A new lighter gun, light is effecient and convenient! And a couple of fun shirts i would love to wear to express myself. No harm hiding that i love anime, its a passion but not crazy enough to be a religion to go fly a plane of yanderes into a building of a foreign country =>

  1. kuujiryo says:

    You’re the third person I know of down here with that Churuya shirt now :P

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