Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition

Posted: 09/03/2010 in Games, Otaku Culture
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March 9th, 2010 – the date when my pre-ordered FFXIII Limited Edition arrived.

The limited edition comes with additional loot shown in the pics below. Less wall-of-text-ing and more pics! Will be trying out the game tonight!

FFXIII Limited Edition comes together with additional loot, starting the with 2010 calendar ..

... the FFXIII soundtrack, a couple of colored character cards ...

.. and a hard covered fully colored book ..

.. and decals that one day, would be used on my armor .. well, just maybe .. gonna need more decals than just two!

.. and for the Final Fantasy fans, we all know there is always a 'CID' in every game. The colored book revealed it. OMG spoilers by accident! T-T

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