1 more week to moving ..

Posted: 12/03/2010 in Otaku Culture
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One more week till i move homes with my recently arrived AmiAmi Nendo Petite Vocaloid unopened .. however, the nekos are giving me the look .. -_-"

With one more week to go, then i start moving homes .. then i can unleash my collection of nendos and figmas into the world again! Bwhahhahaha *Evil Laughter* However, i would need to get some cabinets to display them. The new room would come with a balcony and its the top floor! Always wanted a good view when i woke up every morning XD

Master Chief (Gixxer) from Comic Fiesta 2009

Comrade Master Chief (Gixxer) from Comic Fiesta 2009 suggested i make another pictorial progress post about how i convert my Hasbro E11 Blaster into a near to screen accurate one. Not sure if i wanna do it in the current home or the new one. But i know i have enough time and the tools =)

  1. Washi says:

    So you’re the guy who had the mini-Kyouka’s! I want them!!!

    Added you to my blogroll too.

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