AICON Anime Screening (13/03/2010) @ UTAS

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March 13th, 2010 – During this day, an event held by the crew that was responsible for AICON 2010, held an anime screening from 1200hrs to 1800hrs. In the year 2009, i pretty much attended one of their anime screenings as well, but back then i didnt have most of my stuff unpacked so i could not document what was happening. I was still new to this anime society. But this time, i came armed with my camera and nendo/figmas and decided to do a decent post to show others how otakus do their thing down here in Tasmania!

For this event, i was invited through Facebook with this message:

“Once again, the Anime Society is having a screening this Saturday the 13th of March. This screening will be running from 1pm-5:30pm at the Centenary Lecture Theatre, at the UTAS, Sandy Bay campus. As usual, the screening costs $3 for non-members, but is free for Anime Society members (Membership for the Anime Society only costs $10 for the whole year) We will be selling food and drinks again, for people who want to snack.

This weekend we will be showing:

1:10pm-2:30pm: Lupin III: Green Vs Red (movie, 79 minutes) [M rating]
When a Lupin impersonator is arrested for shoplifting in Tokyo, dozens of other copycats converge on the city to clear the name of Arsene Lupin III. The real Lupin is in town too, both to watch the show and to steal a mysterious item called the Ice Cube. But one of those impostors also has designs on the Cube, and he might just be good enough to beat the original at his own game.

2:40pm-3:30pm: The garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) (movie, 48 minutes) [M rating]
Mikiya Kokuto finds himself intrigued by two things. The first is by Shiki Ryougi a beautiful, yet rather unsociable, girl and the other is the strange series of violent deaths that start occuring in his town. As he attempts to get closer to Shiki, he soon learns that the two are connected and that there are many supernatural forces at work which could very likely get him killed as well.

3:40pm-5:30pm: When the Seagulls Cry (Umineko no naku Koro ni) (TV series, episodes 1-4) [M Rating]
Umineko no Naku Koro ni takes place in the year 1986, during the time frame of October 4 and October 5 on a secluded island named Rokkenjima (六軒島, Rokkenjima). The head of a wealthy family named Kinzo Ushiromiya, who lives on and owns Rokkenjima, is near death, and eight of his family members arrive on the island to discuss how Kinzo’s assets will be divided once he is dead. Also on the island are three family members who live there, five of Kinzo’s servants, and his personal physician. After the eight family members arrive, a typhoon traps them on the island and shortly after people start to get mysteriously murdered.

Also, be sure to check our website, at, for more information.

From the president, Greed.”

Below is the Nendo/Figma Tale of what i have seen during this event.

The trio finally unleashed from their travelling bag

Exploring the new surroundings

And then there was a unique discovery

It was a list of special names!

What do we do with the list? Its not like Death Note, i hope!

Its a name list of fellow otakus that belong to the Anime Club, we should sign up too!

Without thinking twice, we signed up quickly

Writing with a pen that size can really tire out tiny figures

Right after the signing, there was a sudden Neko-nap! This girl requested to be Neko-censored >.<

Found many kindred spirits with the similar passion for what we do. Animes! Manga! Games! And so on!

During the screening, they showed Lupin III, Garden of Sinners and Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Busted by the Kyoukas for taking pics during the screening >.<

Discovered some new comrades too. The Vocaloid twins belonged to the Neko-censored girl =3

I didnt not really watch the shows shown today, because i was too busy taking pics of the nendo/figmas in a pitch black lecture hall. But when i was done, i finally went to socialize and see what kind of anime interests everyone had. This was when i met Patrick (Blog: Wakaranai) and Scott (Blog: SARCASM Podcast). Found out that we have have a lot of common interests when it came to anime genre. We talked about Fullmetal Alchemist, Negima, Love Hina, Kodomo no Jikan, Garden of Sinners, Kimi no Todoke, soundtracks, games and etc.

I even played some anime soundtracks on my iPhone during the conversation, but was surprised when people walked up and actually sang the japanese lyrics to the songs. It really felt like a home away from home, was always fun to mix with a group that had all the similar interests in the things i love doing!

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