Hasbro E11 Blaster + Kit

Posted: 14/03/2010 in Otaku Culture
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Decided make my extra light weight version of the E11 Blaster for Stormtroopers. This consists of Hasbro E11 Blaster (x1) and DoopyDoos Mod Kit (x1) with a bunch of tools.

Using a sandpaper, remove all the branding and unwanted stuff

This is how the Hasbro E11 Toy Blaster originally looked like

This is what i got to use for body filling. To cover up the unwanted gaps on the gun.

Checking out the screw holes

Going to cover up all these screw holes. Close up shot.

That is the Doopydoos Convertion Kit

Holes filled up and waiting for it to dry

Also resprayed my E11 blaster from Nick (Launceston) since it got some battle scars from AICON 2010

Close up shot of the filled up holes

Even the Doopydoos needed some filling

Dried, sanded and filled. Right side shot

.. and there is the left side. Hopefully i can finish it by the weekend before my next troop

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