Nendo/Figma Tales: Cutie Cups

Posted: 14/03/2010 in Otaku Culture
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Was wandering around the wee little town of Hobart with a friend, and we both ended up buying a little something something. They were ‘designer’ cupcakes from Cutie Cups. A small cupcake bakery i always walked passed, but never bought anything from them. With a little push from my friend, i ended up buying myself two cupcakes as well. Did not really eat them till Sunday, when i nearly forgot about them! So i decided to do a quick shoot before Sunday ends =3

The cupcakes came in a small and cutely designed carrier box. Looked like something from Chinese takeaway

Every cupcake was different from each other. Never a same design.

Like all pastry in Australia, they are pretty sweet yet tasty. Just like Krispy Kreme Donuts, but having too much can be overkill

Small and tasty but also pricey. These cupcakes cost nearly 3 dollars each!

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