E11 Blaster + Kit

Posted: 17/03/2010 in Otaku Culture
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Finally glued together all the the kit pieces onto the Hasbro E11 Blaster, took a couple of nights because its takes full 12 hours or more to wait for the full grip of the Epoxy Glue. Nasty stuff u dont ever want ur hands to be glued together with XD

Taken from the left side angle

Front left angle

Right side angle

Back of the blaster

Front of the blaster

Back left angle of the blaster

After all that epoxy gluing, and making sure everything is stable with a tight fit, the next stage would be applying the silver grey layer of spray paint. This is to make sure, when the black layer gets scratched, it gives off the illusion of having a ‘metallic’ layer underneath.

Two layers of spray painted gloss silver

From some angles, i see that i should have sanded it slightly more, but a hobby like this is all about trial and error!

The finishing touch and now to leave it overnight to dry


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