Avengers Assemble! .. in year 2010!

Posted: 18/03/2010 in Anime/Manga
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Avengers Assemble!!

Being a fanboy of Western Science Fiction, the day has finally arrived when the good guys are finally back! It has been nearly a year since the Skrull Invasion and the fall of Stark’s Initiative, leaving Norman Osborn (Yeah, the Green Goblin, Spidey’s arch nemesis) full access to take control. Osborn has created his own team of Dark Avengers, Dark X-Men and Initiative, also decommissioning Nick Fury’s SHIELD and turning it into his very own HAMMER. Osborn was close to being completely unstoppable. Heroes were hunted down like vigilantes, and criminals and psychopaths were pardoned and rehab-ed under Osborn’s Initiative program, which ended up deputizing criminals and murderers to arrest vigilantes like Captain America, Spiderman, Iron-Man and all other superhero groups. It was frightening .. but now .. it has cometh … saying the lines i love to hear Thor, son of Odin say .. “HAVE AT THEE, NORMAN OSBORN!”

For those that are unclear why the goodies are bashing on the ‘Iron-Man’ in this picture .. simple. Its not Iron-Man/Tony Stark! Its Norman Osborn in his Iron Patriot armor, built from the technology he took from Stark Industries when he confiscated from Stark when he was Director of SHIELD. But now, Nick Fury joins the fight for Asgard (Thor’s new home) as well, i so look forward to this epic battle that will never appear on the big screen. If it did, it would be epic!

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