E-11 Hasbro Blaster Update & a birthday (April 2nd)

Posted: 20/03/2010 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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In a couple of days, it would be a birthday of a friend (and i think a former cosplayer) in Penang. The date is April 2nd, right after April Fool’s Day. When i first met her, she cosplayed as FFX-2’s Yuna (Dancer outfit) in Ichibanzai 2008. Little did i realize she was also a friend of a schoolmate’s brother, which is now in Melbourne.  Small world and small island (Penang is). Well, i was told to chip in by a friend of this cosplayer currently in Perth (why on Earth Perth?! Its like tumbleweed all over the place, compared to small Tasmania!) .. well back to topic, i was told to chip in to take a photo wishing her Happy Birthday .. so this is my way of doing it! Just hope no Wannabe-Cool douchebag steals my picture! Hahah!

Happy Birthday Fiona Lee (for April 2nd)

Then now for my personal E11 Blaster progress updates. The 2nd layer of Flat Black has been applied and now waiting for it to dry so i can use it for tomorrow’s event with the other superheroes and supervillians. =)

2nd layer of Flat Black

Right side

The back

The front

Pretty proud about this, however, i did accidentally and impatiently spray painted a bit of Gloss Black paint on the tip. Hope it fades out due to my laziness!

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