Having technical difficulties, however .. !!

Posted: 24/03/2010 in Non-Digital World, Otaku Culture
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Real Life Technical Difficulties:

Having some issues with Windows Live Photo Gallery uploader to Flickr. But seems like the source is either Flickr (I can email upload, but not direct upload via website) or my ISP (iiNet). Been having some iiNet slowdown issues lately, due to some disaster that happened in Western Australia. I was not the only one in Hobart to experience this. Even other friends with different ISPs suffered as well. But their reaction to it was not so dramatic like mine. Haha! But that didnt slow me down. But to keep uploading and heavy editing to a minimum .. it never really stopped me from FigureFM posting!

Also saw the new place i will be moving into, already moved most of my otaku goods and push bike over there. The moment the internet service is cut from this current home. I am vanishing like a ninja and moving in, while waiting for the internet and phone to be set up at the new place. Will be having pics of it soon! XD


That's love. You got to tell him how you feel.

Well, Yu-kun might leave tomorrow ..

.. or aliens may come to abduct him ..

.. the 2nd Impact may happen tomorrow ..

.. or the Ishbal War.

Kafuka Fuura GACC 2010 Cosplayer from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

  • Also found another person from FigureFM, related to the GACC event in Malaysia (Malacca, MMU. Its a Uni). The person is nicknamed E-Jump @ FigureFM (http://ejump.wordpress.com/), and he/she posted “GACC 2010 Cosplay Gallery“. Some pretty awesome shots. E-Jump also mentioned that he/she made it to OTACOOL2’s back cover. I should really get the book and start stalking .. i mean, meeting up with Malaysian Cosplayers =)

By the time, this post was made. Flickr and Windows Live Photo Gallery & iiNet seemed to have recovered. The last batch of Flickr uploads regarding my event, Bonnie Babes Kidsfest 2010 @ Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (21st March 2010) would have already been in the process of uploading. But when ‘The End of Days’ hit me, i still stubbornly and managed to do a FigureFM post “Crimotaku Journal: Bonnie Babes Kidsfest 2010“.

Heroes 4 Kids @ Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens for Bonnie Babes Kidsfest 2010

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