ISP issues .. massive slowdown .. but still!

Posted: 26/03/2010 in Non-Digital World
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The ISP i happen to be using is called iiNet, but in Australia there is another ISP called AAnet. This makes it confusing for me because of the strong similarity in the Aussie accent of A and I, which makes these two ISPs sound so similar. Its been sluggish for 2-3 days now. Well i thought they fixed it a couple of days back, but its a good thing, because i am moving and transfering my iiNet Phone/Broadband bundled plan to my new place, hopefully i would skip this horrible slowdown of internet experience! Haha. iiNet tech support called me today, just to inform me that the new place has not had any phone lines installed before. This would mean that i would have to pay .. again .. 300 bucks .. to get the phone lines installed and activated, which could take up to 3 business days.

Oh well, less blabbing with my QQ life and all that .. and here is a funny i found on facebook =)


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